Training to stop bullying and harassment and make your workplace safe.

If your business is struggling with bullying and harassment issues, the time has come to create a shift. Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace is a critical responsibility for employers. Ensuring that all employees know that they are valued and respected in their work role plays a big part of this.

Workplace bullying is considered a risk to health and safety and not taking steps to manage the risk of workplace bullying could result in a breach of Work Health and Safety laws. Workplace bullying can occur wherever people work together and in all types of workplaces. It is best dealt with by taking steps to prevent it from occurring and responding quickly if it does occur.

Safework Australia

Why training is important in managing the risk

Training is considered an important tool in managing this risk in your workplace by enabling early intervention in conflict and limiting the chance if it escalating to bullying. Safework Australia notes that workers including, Managers and Supervisors, should be aware of their roles in relation to preventing and responding to workplace bullying and have the appropriate skills to take action where necessary.
KINNECT Training has developed an Anti-Bullying and Harassment program for delivery into workplaces that addresses the key information as outlined by the Safework Australia Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying.

If your business is struggling with bullying and harassment issues, the time has come to create a shift.


The trainer delivered a strong message in terms that were pitched at the right level in very day situations.

March, 2021

Anyone who failed to take this on board has not been paying attention.

March, 2021

I expected the program to provide a solid base to work with for those who do not meet the standard of behaviour I expect in the workplace. I feel it achieved that.

March, 2021



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What You Will Learn

The KINNECT Training Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training course provides both workers and management with a solid understanding of the risks of bullying and harassment, how to recognise it in the workplace as well as how to apply effective measures to prevent or stop it.
Tackle this work safety issue as a team, with education, policies and practices that create healthy work cultures and accountable leadership.
The program typically includes –

  • the standards of behaviour expected in the workplace including the use of social media, if relevant
  • how workplace bullying should be reported and how such reports are managed, and
  • where to go internally and externally for more information and assistance
  • awareness of the impact certain behaviours can have on others
  • the work health and safety duties and responsibilities relating to workplace bullying
  • measures used to prevent workplace bullying from occurring
  • how individuals can respond to workplace bullying
  • how to report workplace bullying, and
  • how workplace bullying reports will be responded to.

Face to face

This delivery option includes:

  • 2-4 hour course, contextualised to your organisational needs
  • Conducted at KINNECT Training Facility or your Workplace

Award / Qualification

Successful completion of this program can result in the awarding of Statement of Completion, if requested.

Target Audience

This course is recommended for all the members of the workforce. This includes Managers, Supervisors and members of the workforce. A strong understanding of workplace bullying and harassment principles is important for all staff.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements however the program requires the ability to engage in discussion, review documents and contribute to the development of safety processes.


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Is this course only delivered face to face?

This program is available in an online mode also. Give us a call on 1300 591 548 or for more details.

Where is this course delivered?

This program is delivered onsite at your location or via webinar. Whatever suits your business better. Please note that onsite deliver may incur travel charges.


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