Help your people identify risk in your workplace.

This Hazard Awareness course is the program needed to improve understanding of risk management in your business. The program introduces participants to important safety concepts and processes and then applies them to relevant situations that work forces commonly encounter.
The program highlights critical areas of knowledge and skill required to perform normal work activities safely and includes–

  • An introduction to WHS legislation and concepts;
  • Understanding and applying the risk management and control process (applied to specific workplace risk identified prior to the training);
  • Being part of effective communication within the working team environment.

For courses run in-house, KINNECT Training will work with you to contextualise the program to ensure required processes and procedures are incorporated into the program and case studies are relevant to the target audience.



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What You Will Learn

This program has been designed to assist workers understand and apply the concepts of hazard analysis including –

  • job safety analysis (JSA)
  • job hazard analysis (JHA)
  • job safety and environmental analysis (JSEA)
  • safe work method statement (SWMS)

It introduces participants to the legislative framework including Acts, Regulations, Australian and International Standards, Codes of Practice and other relevant regulations along with relevant workplace and system procedures. It improves the understanding of hazards, likelihood or probability, potential consequences and ultimately risks to health and safety in the workplace.

Participants are then challenged to identify and implement controls that bring the risk to a level as low as reasonable practicable (ALARP) though –

  • identifying the risk control measures available;
  • understanding controls in relation to cost of implementation, and;
  • understanding the control implementation processes.

In completion of this program, participants will –

  • complete a hazard analysis;
  • specify risk controls to bring risks to ALARP;
  • identify relevant personnel;
  • complete appropriate hazard analysis forms;
  • monitor and review effectiveness of risk controls.

Onsite face to face

This program can be run from 2 hour introduction sessions to full day programs depending on what your business needs are. For in-house program development or contextualisation contact KINNECT Training on 1300 591 548, email

Statement of Attendance

On successful completion, and as requested from the organisation, a Statement of Attendance will be issued by KINNECT Training.

This program is designed to improve the understanding application of safety processes to all workers from all industries including construction, manufacturing, mining, service, government and transport industries. It is relevant to those working in a team or group environment and those whom typically work alone.

As this is an introductory program, there are no set pre-requisites for participation in this program. A sound ability to read and write, or have support in this, is required for successful participation. Active participation is encouraged through the program through discussion and activities.


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