Be able to fit test respirators for your workplace.

Current standards dictate that any person required to use a full face respirator must be fit tested by a qualified tester. After completing this course, you will be able to perform qualitative and quantitative respirator fit tests. If the people in your workplace are required to wear a respirator then you have a respiratory health risk and being able to perform fit tests will greatly improve your workplace’s health and safety.

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‘Training was great! Trainer was well prepared and knowledgeable, delivery pace was good. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

June, 2022

The program is absolutely perfect given the theory is completed at home. The training provided was efficient and the trainer was certainly very knowledgeable and extremely approachable.

Suzanna K.
May, 2022

Trainer was very knowledgeable, and clearly explained processes. Thanks Riki.

Tanya F.
April, 2022


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Why choose the AIOH RESP-FIT approved program?

RESP-FIT is a national respirator protective equipment (RPE) fit testing training and accreditation program developed to improve the competency of fit testers against both the Australian and international ISO respirator standards for fit testing. The course syllabus has been carefully developed by the AIOH (Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene) to ensure all the skills and knowledge have been developed for high quality testing. The approved course has been carefully scrutinised by leading Occupational Hygienists in Australia and has all the components required to prepare testers to do the best possible job.

Companies that undergo fit testing for their employees do so to meet the duty of care requirements created by the WHS Act to prevent foreseeable harm to their employees as is reasonable practicable. Ensuring that fit testers are trained by AIOH RESP-FIT approved providers in an approved program helps an employer demonstrate best practice in the protection of respiratory health in your workplace.

This program will provide the ability to adhere to both the Australian Standards and ISO International Standards. Undertaking this approved course is proof of a company’s commitment to the best possible training.


What you will learn

This program is endorsed by The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) RESP-FIT Committee with the aims to provide persons conducting fit testing with the required knowledge and skills to conduct proper fitting of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to determine an adequate match between the facepiece of the RPE and face of the wearer.

On completing this course successfully, the student will have an understanding of:

  • The value of fit-testing and the role of the fit-tester,
  • Factors affecting respirator fit and their impact on protection provided,
  • Fit testing methodologies,
  • How to correctly select and fit respiratory protective equipment,
  • How to care for and maintain respiratory protective equipment.

The Respirator Fit Test Training Program is delivered to meet all relevant Australian Standards and relevant legislation or guidance. This includes but is not limited to –

  • AS/NZS 1715 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment
  • Applicable State or Federal workplace health and safety legislation
  • Equipment instructions and user guides


The KINNECT Training Guarantee

Attend this course again for no extra cost in the 12 months following completion . KINNECT Training wants you to be confident and capable in your role in respirator fit testing. Within 12 months of completing your respirator fit testing course you are welcome to confirm your knowledge by attending any scheduled public face to face course for respirator fit testing – it’s on us! (Subject to seat availability. Contact KINNECT Training for more information)

5 Steps to Make Sure Your Respirator Protects You Every Day

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The full RESP-FIT program requires between 1.5- 2 days of training to meet all requirements. KINNECT Training has developed a convenient program syllabus to ensure all critical knowledge is developed and all practical application is completed. The following options are available for your training –

Blended Program – Online Theory and Face to Face Practical

  • Online theory via the KINNECT Training LMS – approximately 6 hours to be completed prior to practical training day.
  • Full day (approximately 9 hours) face to face program to review theory and practice qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing.
  • Conducted at one of KINNECT’s Training Facilities across Australia

Onsite – Qualitative, Quantitative or Full Program

  • Choose the fit testing method/s appropriate for your organisation.
  • Australia wide delivery available at your venue or ours.
  • Complete the online theory prior to the practical session via the KINNECT Training LMS (full course approximately 6 hours, Qualitative only approximately 4 hours, Quantitative only approximately 5 hours.

In-house programs can be provided nationally at any site. Please contact KINNECT Training on 1300 591 548, on or via the enquiry form on this page for a training proposal.

Statement of Completion

Students who successfully complete this RESP-FIT approved training course and pass the examination, will be provided a “Certificate of Completion” KINNECT Training.

Completion of a “RESP-FIT Approved Course” is not a designation of competence or Accreditation by the AIOH or the RESP-FIT Program against the requirements of ISO 16975-3. Applicants seeking RESP-FIT   accreditation will be required to undertake the RESP-FIT Accreditation process as detailed on the RESP-FIT website .

Become a Respirator Fit Tester

Individuals interested in conducting respiratory protection fit testing including Occupational Hygienists and allied professionals such as health and safety professionals, occupational health specialists [including physicians and nurses], as well as respiratory protection program administrators. This course is suited to those people wanting to be able to undertake respirator fit testing in their workplace. Public courses include qualitative and quantitative testing methodologies.

This program provides a pathway to become an approved RESP-FIT Tester though the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene.

Managers and Supervisors wanting to improve their understanding of fit testing as part of a respiratory health program are encourage to attend.

This course has no pre-requisites for entry but the ability to read, understand and discuss complex documents such as legislation and testing procedures is required. An open book assessment is part of the program. Students must also have the physical capacity to set-up and pack-up respirator fit testing equipment, demonstrate and direct fit testing for others.


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What’s the difference between qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing?

Qualitative fit testing is a method that can be used to test RPE up to a required protection factor of 10X. This test is suitable for any disposable, half-face reusable and half-face PAPR respirators. It cannot be used to test full-face respirators. The cost for the equipment is relatively low, and this type of testing can be done just about anywhere, although a well ventilated area is recommended.

It relies upon the wearer’s ability to detect a safe aerosol by taste. The results are, therefore, subjective and may not be reliable. There is a risk of test subject deception. The testing method can be time-consuming, as a single test can take 20-25 minutes to conduct properly, and each subsequent test will take the same amount of time. This test can cause some physical discomfort to the test subject as they must be tested inside a hood enclosure. If a test subject cannot taste the challenge agent (sweet or bitter solution) they cannot be tested using this method, nor can subjects who have adverse reactions to the solutions.

Quantitative Fit testing is suitable for testing disposable and reusable half masks and full-face masks, including PAPR respirators. This test is done by using a particle-counting instrument that will accurately measure the particle count inside the breathing zone of the respirator and compare it to the particle count outside the respirator to give a numeric score. It can be used to test RPE to any required level of protection. It is completely objective, and there is no chance of test subject deception. The test itself can be conducted in under 10 minutes. The machine also provides a screening stage in order to avoid testing a poorly fitted respirator. It is considered to be the most reliable way to fit test.

When does fit testing need to be done?

Fit testing must be carried out:

  • before wearing a tight-fitting respirator for the first time;
  • whenever a new model of respirator is used;
  • if there is a change in the individual already assessed (eg excessive weight gain or loss).

Is this Respirator Fit Test Training Course nationally recognised?

Successful completion of this course will result in the issue of a Statement of Completion for attending a Respirator Fit Test Training Program.

The program is designed to meet relevant Australian and International Standards, relevant codes and guidance and respirator fit test equipment manufacturer recommendations.

At this stage there is no nationally recognised unit of competency for this type of training.

Is there an expiry date for this certificate?

There is no ‘expiry date’ for this course. It is generally expected that a person must maintain currency / proficiency if they are performing respirator fit testing in the workplace. Being current and competent could include completing a fresher program in respirator fit testing or other professional development activities.


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