Recognised spirometry training for health professionals.

The performance of spirometry is undertaken in a wide range of primary care settings such as general practice and occupational health. Spirometry is one of the simplest tests available to assist in the diagnosis of lung disease. It is used to assist in the diagnoses of lung conditions such as obstructive lung disease (Asthma/ COPD) and restrictive lung disease (Pulmonary Fibrosis). It includes health assessments for workplace monitoring and pre-employment medicals.

This spirometry training program equips you with the skills and knowledge to perform spirometry assessments confidently and be able to effectively interpret spirometry test results. This spirometry training course meets the standards outlined by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ). The course also meets The Standards for Spirometry Training Courses for the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme and Coal Services (NSW).


– A very well put together training program. Very pleased with the whole experience.

Michael L.
October 2023

The online training is easy to understand, content was explained in simple terms and filled with videos good for visual learners.

Kwan T.
 October 2023

Perfect course! Good mix of everything theory and practical! Kelly is an amazing trainer who had practical experience and was kind/encouraging!

Ash S.
November, 2023

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Whether choosing to complete the blended program (online theory and face to face practical) or the full online course (online theory, presentations and webinars), you can gain access straight away to the KINNECT Training Learning Management Systems (LMS) to commence your course. Study at your own pace and return to the program at any stage without losing your spot. Then when you’re ready to complete the practical component, you can book into any of our scheduled sessions.

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What You Will Learn

This program is designed in consideration of State and National legislation, Australian and New Zealand Standards and relevant Codes of Practice. It is also designed to meet the requirements outlined by the Thoracic Society of Australia to meet Standards for the Delivery of Spirometry for Coal Mine Workers.

The following describes the skills and knowledge required to perform spirometry competently. From preparing the client, maintaining equipment, and performing the assessment to reporting on the results. You will learn and demonstrate your knowledge and skill in the performance of spirometry.

5 Critical Factors for High Quality Spirometry Testing

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Flexible Training Options


Complete all your studies online via our LMS and via webinar with a Trainer for your practical!

With this mode you get access to all the required materials via the learning management system which includes online written content, pre-recorded video and live webinar with your Trainer.

  1. Complete your online content and activities
  2. Attend the first live interactive webinar session with your Trainer to review practical calibration, biological control and perform your spirometry tests
  3. Complete Part 2 – Spirometry Interpretation of your online content and activities
  4. Attend your second live question and answer webinar session (small group session) – complete a multi question quiz, review case studies and confirm your knowledge in spirometry interpretations
  5. Submit your post-course practical assessments.

Note: To complete this course you will require –

  • Computer with reliable internet – (video capability, ability to access webinar platform provided by KINNECT Training, working microphone and camera
  • Spirometer and disposable mouthpieces
  • 3L calibration syringe
  • 3 volunteers
  • A quiet location for the session


Face to Face

Complete your online theory and attend a face-to-face practical session – at your place or ours!

This course is only available in a blended format. You can start today by completing the online course theory component on our LMS. Once ready, you can either book a time for a face-to-face practical session or we can arrange to come to you (minimum numbers apply). This method of delivery allows you to understand the background knowledge at your own pace and then apply the practical component when you’re ready.

  • Online Theory – 4 hours
  • Face to face practical session – 6 hours


Post course assessments

Following the completion of your initial online theory and practical components (webinar or face-to-face), you will be required to submit 10 post course spirometry assessments for the issue of your Statement of Attendance. This requires you having access to a spirometer and people to perform the assessment on.

IMPORTANT: All individuals must have access to a spirometer to perform and submit their 10 post course submissions to receive their certificate.

To maintain currency with the Standards for Delivery of Spirometry for Coal Mine Workers as outlined by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, a refresher program must be undertaken. It is also expected that you maintain a logbook noting 100 spirometry assessments undertaken over a 12 month period after completing the initial course.

Statement of Completion

Successful completion of this program will result in the issue of a Statement of Completion for attending a Spirometry Training Workshop.

Spirometry Practitioner

This unit applies to any health worker who is required to undertake spirometry measurements. Spirometry measurement is commonly conducted in hospitals, respiratory physician rooms, general practitioner (GP) rooms, pharmacies and pathology collection centres.

This program is directed at medical and allied health professionals required to perform spirometry assessments and contribute to the interpretation of results. Successful completion of this program allows a pathway to gain a nationally recognised qualification and meet the requirements to undertake assessments for the Queensland Coal Mining Industry as required by Queensland Health and Resources Safety and Health Queensland. The program is also approved by Coal Services Australia in New South Wales.

Students completing this course would ideally have an understanding of medical, anatomical and physiological terminology associated with the performance of spirometry. The course is ideally suited to those working in a clinical or medical role or progressing skills to work in this area.


If you have completed the initial Course in Spirometry and need to complete a Spirometry Refresher Course, click here to learn more.

There are no pre-requisites for participation in this program but a sound knowledge of human physiology is recommended.

IMPORTANT: All individuals must have access to a spirometer to perform and submit their 10 post course submissions to receive their certificate.

On successful completion of this spirometry testing course you will be able to:

  • Prepare a spirometer and necessary materials
  • Check the cleanliness and functionality of spirometer
  • Validate or calibrate a spirometer in accordance with manufacturer specifications
  • Choose the correct reference equations for your population
  • Record client information accurately and identify contraindications for performing spirometry
  • Ensure correct and accurate client measurements are taken prior to the test and prepare reference values
  • Help the client complete the test by providing instruction and encouragement and provide feedback
  • Ensure tests are performed to an acceptable standards
  • Recognition of common spirometry errors and mistakes. Understand how these errors can affect the Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), the total amount of air which can be exhaled from the lungs and Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 Second (FEV1), the amount of air which can be exhaled forcibly in one second
  • Understand when a bronchodilator needs to be used
  • Effectively interpret spirometry test results using up to date interpretation methods such as the Global Lung Initiative (GLI)
  • Information about other areas of lung function testing such as gas transfer and lung volume measurements. How these tests are required to give a complete diagnosis of lung disease
  • Recognise when subjects need to be referred for further testing at a pulmonary function laboratory
  • Know how to respond to questions from clients and medical officers by providing a provisional interpretation for the Physician
  • Understand required maintenance and post test clean-up procedures


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How long does it take to get my certificate for this spirometry course?

The certificate is issued after you have submitted your 10 post course assessments and these have been reviewed by your Trainer. Once deemed competent your certificate will be issued within 48 hours. If you have an urgent need for the certificate to be issued please let us know in advance and we will do our best to assist.

How long do I have to submit my Post Course Submissions to the trainer?

We require your Post Course Submissions to be submitted to us within a month of you completing your course with the trainer, however we can grant extensions for Post Course Submissions.

What happens if I do not submit my Post Course Submissions within the month?

If you do not provide us with your Post Course Submissions within a 6-month timeframe, this will result in your course being cancelled and you will need to recomplete the course.

Do you sell spirometry testing equipment?

We can assist with the purchase of spirometry testing equipment. This includes spirometers, calibration syringes and consumables. Please follow the ‘Shop’ link in the menu for more product information. KINNECT Training partners with leading equipment suppliers for the sale of equipment. We can even make sure the equipment is available in the training program so you are confident with the exact equipment you’ll be using in the clinic.

Does this course have an expiry date?

Under the current approved course, there is a requirement to attend a refresher program within 12 months of completion of your initial program. Further refresher program are then required every 3 years to stay compliant.

Do I need to do a refresher course?

Under the current approved course there is a requirement to attend a spirometry refresher program within 12 months of completion of your initial program. Further refresher programs are then required every 3 years to stay compliant.

Where and when can I complete the practical session?

These are arranged directly with you and depend on the course mode you are completing. Links are provided within the online platform to book your preferred time and/or location.

What platform is used for the webinars?

KINNECT Training uses the webinar platform Zoom. If your organisation has another platform that is needed to be used due to IT security please contact us to discuss.

Is there support available when completing the online component of this course?

Absolutely. You can access a trainer at any stage via the message feature in the learning management system, by direct email or phone support is available. The KINNECT Training Knowledge Base is also available for you to refer to at any time which has research, videos, templates and links to valuable recognised sites to help you maintain skills in spirometry testing and interpretation.


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